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"For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy." (Revelation 19:10)


Testimonies prophesy God's intent and nature to all who will hear. We intentionally share testimonies and have observed the results, which have been absolutely amazing. We believe that when people hear the testimony of what God has done, the anointing on the testimony opens a realm of possibility. The atmosphere then becomes pregnant with the opportunity for the miracle that had been described in the testimony to be duplicated. When our faith is engaged and we step into that opportunity in the slightest measure, that possibility becomes reality. May these testimonies increase your faith and increase your hunger for more of God!



PTSD Healed
A soldier came into the Healing Room who had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. The team prayed declarative prayers in the authority of The Name of Jesus. After prayer, they reported that the effects of PTSD were broken!! There is Power in The Name of Jesus to break every chain and to heal the wounds of our soul!! The team referred them to the Sozo Ministry where they experienced more inner healing of emotional wounds and deliverance from fear. Praise God for His amazing love and power to heal!
Cancer Gone
A lady came for prayer for breast cancer diagnosis. Biopsy showed extensive growth 9cm. After prayer, later that night, while awake, she had a vision of a mammogram picture and all the cancer was leaving. A month later, she reports, “I do not need chemo, radiation, or even follow up medicine. My Oncologist released me from his care!! Praise God!!
Oppression Gone
The Healing Room team prayed for a man who stated that he was under an attack of severe oppression and pain in his hip and shoulder, sore muscles with limited mobility. After prayer he was able to move freely and ALL pain was gone. He left rejoicing in God’s goodness and mercy!!
Jesus Held My Hand
“Before I came to the Healing Room today I felt hopeless and depressed because of anxiety. After getting prayer I feel peaceful and I feel like God is with me. As they were praying for me I felt someone hold my hand and all I could think about was peace. When I opened my eyes I saw that none of the ladies were holding my hand. As I am writing this I still feel Jesus holding my hand. He held my hand all the way home and now I know that He is always with me and I know He has healed me of anxiety.”
Spine Re-Alignment
The team prayed for a man who complained of pain in his entire body which included his shoulders, back, hips, legs. They prayed for realignment of his spine and declared total healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet In the Name of Jesus! Holy Spirit moved powerfully to realign his body and restore complete movement with NO Pain!!
No Cane Needed
A lady came into the Healing Room walking with a cane. She received prayer for pain in her shoulder and severe pain in her knees, hips, and back. After prayer she was pain free and no longer needed her cane. She began running and jumping around the church, and saying “I’m healed!!”
A man came in asking for prayer for a severe pain that moved around his body. The team took authority over a spirit of infirmity and declared the healing Word of God over him. He was set free and the pain was gone!

2009 Testimonies

December 13th, 2009

During the service Michele's toe was in great pain.  It was healed.

Doug's foot was healed.  He called on Tuesday to let the Pastor know it was completely better.


Wednesday December 9th

Pat had spoken a word to a lady previously who hadn't been pleased with what she had said.  Pat had told her to stop being so negative.  This week the lady was praising God for all the Blessings that were coming her way.  And.....she told Pat she needed her in her life.

A lady whom Betty prayed for at the mall has been calling with reports of her niece who had cancer.  The niece is now cancer FREE!!!


Saturday, November 28th, 2009
Patapsco Flea Market
This was our first week here and we were able to pray for 30 people. 

Demar a young boy who wanted a bible came back to the table for one.  Betty had a word of knowledge for him.  "God is going to use you"
Many came for financial breakthroughs in their lives.  Many came for prayer for their families.  God is everywhere and He hears and answers.

Brumwell's Flea Market
Several people came back to let us know of answered prayer.

Dawn was healed of carpel tunnel a few weeks ago.  She is still rejoicing.

Missionaries to Afghanistan got their visas and are on their way.  Thanked us for praying for them a few weeks ago.

George's mom feels much better.  We prayed for her a few weeks ago.  She had cancer.  She is up and cooking and doing great.  He was grateful for the prayer.


November 15th
The following testimonies were given during the service:

Melonie (a pharmacist):  William and his wife came in her place of employment and he was in a wheelchair.  He had fluid on his lungs and he was going to have his heart shocked back into rhythm.  We (Melonie & the couple) prayed together and he and his wife came in a week later.  He was walking fine.  He did not have fluid on his lungs.  The doctor went to put in the anesthesia to shock his heart, and they said they did not even have to do it because his heart was in rhythm.  He and his wife were thankful to God.  He also had open heart surgery.

Jim:  A lady at his work came to him and told him she was a diabetic.  The doctors told her she would need insulin shots.  She was afraid of the shots.  Jim asked if he could pray for her.  He did.  She came back later and was dancing.  She told him her numbers went down 10 points and she did not need the shots.  Praise the Lord!

Larine:  She prayed for a lady at work with financial problems.  After prayer, she was able to pay her rent on Friday.  God is so Good.

Terry:  She prayed for the lady she works for who had fluid on her legs.  The fluid left immediately.


Saturday, November 7th
Brumwell's Flea Market.  Kim said as she went to pray for people at the flea market, "I wasn't prepared for what I experienced".  Twenty-six people were prayed for.  Six were healed.

Sheryl had knee pain.  She could not bend her knee before.  After prayer she was asked to do something she couldn't do before.  She began to bend her knee saying, "Oh my gosh, I couldn't bend my knee before and now I can"  She was excited.

Rita had stomach pain.  Gone after prayer.

Maria had leg pain.  Gone after prayer

Dawn had carpal tunnel.  She was in pain and could not move it when she came.  After prayer, the pain was gone and she could move it freely.  She began crying as the pain left her body.

Maryanne had pain in her teeth.  Gone after prayer.

Bonnie had prayer for her knees.  They were healed and she could bend them both after prayer.

Saturday, October 24

Carmen's whole body was in pain from diabetes.  Felt much better after prayer.

Herbert fell 60 feet.  His head, shoulders, legs, neck, ringing in ears all from the result of the fall.  He was doing much better after prayer.
On a previous Saturday, Herbert received prayer.  He had fallen 60 feet at his job.  His leg was in a cast, severe pain in his head, pain in all parts of his body.  After prayer his leg was greatly improved.  And we were told that as of Saturday Nov. 7th, he no longer needed a cane to walk with.  YEAH GOD!

Saturday, October 10
Sixteen people were prayed for at Brumwell’s Flea Market on Saturday. Miracles happened.  Several people with neck pain spoke of immediate relief.  What a blessing.

One lady with severe pain in her side got immediate relief. She then got her father over for prayer.

Pastor Larry played a phone message of a young lady (during the morning service) who was prayed for at Brumwell's Flea Market.  She was told she would never get a normal menstrual cycle again.  She had 15 operations by the time she was 12 years old. The next day after she was prayed for her cycle began again after 7 months of not  having any.  WOW!!!

Mark got prayer for neck pain.  After prayer it was gone.

Emmaline had pain in neck.  She felt electricity going down her back and head as we prayed.  Pain left.


October 4th

Jim testified that during the song "I AM FREE" his feet began to have warmth in them.  Usually they are cold because of diabetes.  Jim began to dance and his feet stayed warm!

Several weeks ago, Tommy was in pain during the service.  Pastor Larry immediately stopped and prayed for him.  He has had no pain since.


September 20th

Nancy had a toe that was hurting and swollen.  She came up for prayer.  It was better.  Monday....all the swelling and pain were gone.

Terry's eyes have greatly improved in the last few weeks.  She doesn't have to use drops anymore.  Also, she is able to stand straighter.  She was born without a hip socket.  God is doing something!!!

Mark gave testimony of how God had truly blessed their finances.

Kendal loves butterfly's.  Her grandparents had caught one for her to see, but in the meantime it had almost died.  Roma prayed for it and when Kendal came home from school, they released the butterfly.  He eagerly flew away!  God Really Does Care.


August 9th

Mark called out a healing of a headache during the Worship & Praise.  Nancy and Pastor Larry both testified of having a headache when they came in and it was gone after the Word of Knowledge came forth.


Sunday July 26th

John was healed of neck pain after the Wednesday evening service.

Jim's grandson greatly improved after being placed on the prayer chain.

Dennis asked for his arm to be prayed for after Praise & Worship.  At that time he had no pain.  At the same time that Pastor Larry prayed for Dennis, Alma's arm was freed of pain.  Her arm had been broken a couple of years ago and had been hurting since that time...until TODAY!


Sunday, July 19th
Several weeks ago Pastor Larry had the congregation group together and pray for several people after Worship & Praise...Mark being one of them.  At that time Mark had pressure in his intestines which caused him pain. After the prayer, the pain was gone. He also had a lump (lymphoma) on his back. After the service on this morning he was going to ask for prayer at the end of the service....but discovered the lump was gone.


Sunday July 5th

Jim was healed during the Worship Service.  He had pain when he came into the service and was healed as the Worship went on.


Saturday, June 28th on our Treasure Hunt we prayed for a lady with back pain.  After prayer, the pain was gone.  We prayed with another lady with arthritis in her hand.  After prayer, she had much more movement in her fingers.


Sunday, April 26th

Rachel.  One Sunday I was too sick to come to church.  I had the worst back pain I have ever had.  My husband Matt took the girls to church.  While he and the girls were at church I cried and prayed that God would touch my back.  I was completely desperate for God to show even the slightest amount of mercy on me to touch me.  When Matt came home, he asked if he could pray for me and I thought, couldn't hurt!  Almost immediately after he prayed for healing over my back, the back pain was completely gone. I still had the cold and sick feeling but I wasn't crying over my back pain anymore. When I told my husband's grandmother what had happened to me she told me Matt had come up for prayer for me at the end of the service and Pastor Larry anointed his hand with oil and told him to lay hands on me.  It Worked!!!

Mark.  I had pain in my ankle for about 3 or 4 weeks.  It had really been bothering me.  After Praise and Worship he was healed.  NO PAIN!!


Sunday, April 19th

Kendal (age 4) was in the car with her grandparents on their way to her school when she said, "Poppy, my cough is gone!"  Don asked her, "Where did it go?

Did Jesus take it away?"  Kendal answered, "Yes, and He put it on a tree".

Roma pondered on what Kendal had said.  It came to her that Jesus took all of our sicknesses and put them on the greatest tree ever, the cross. Rachel, (Kendal's Mom) asked her daughter where she heard that Jesus put coughs on a tree before.  Kendal replied, "He told me in my dream".


Saturday, April 25th, on our Treasure Hunt, we prayed for a lady who was walking with a limp.  She let us pray for her, once, then again, and then a third time.  Each time her foot got better until it was totally healed.  Isn’t God Good?  We had a total of 25 people who got prayer on Saturday


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kenneth had pulled a muscle in his thigh and was prayed for at Pioneer Club meeting and he was healed.

Alma had a suspicious mammogram reading and during a second reading, she prayed.  The nurse came in and told her, "never mind, everything is fine".

Melonie's Grandmother had prayer and later stated that her back and leg felt much better.


March 22, 2009

Michele - On March 22nd of 2009, I went up for prayer. I asked for God to show me His purpose for me. I told Pastor Larry that I was so thankful for what God has done for me even though I've had a lot of storms in my life to deal with. I know that the Lord has helped me along the way of each storm.  We had a special speaker named George Whitten that prayed for me. He prayed that I would be focused on the Lord and that there wouldn't be any distractions in my way. After several minutes of prayer, I heard a pop on the right side of my head near my ear. I had a blocked nasal passage for three days...Immediately this opened up and I was able to breathe freely. I also had a swollen gland and sore throat on the right side of my neck and built up pressure under my eye and extending to my right ear. Immediately this was gone. I didn't even ask for prayer for this viral condition I was told I had when I went to the doctors the week before...And here I was, being healed.  God is so Good.  He is so faithful.  He knew what my need was and He supplied it when I was totally focused on Him and what His will for me would be. I wasn't even thinking about my needs. I encourage you to read the passage that I read 3 days before my healing took place. 
It is Philippians' 4:19.

February 2009 - One woman whose friend was prayed for in Shoppers had stage 4 melanoma called to let us know that the woman has been declared totally clean from the doctors.

February 2009 - A lady who was prayed for in J.C. Penny had lumps in her breast. Went to the doctor after prayer, NO LUMPS.  The only questionable thing was in place of the lumps there was OIL.  The doctors had no explanation.  God must has left His fingerprint.

February 2009 - One lady was prayed for at the Mall with pain in her leg.  She could hardly move it.  After prayed she had complete mobility without pain.

February 2009 - Betty prayed at the mall for a lady who told her that she had asked God two days earlier to send someone to her as a sign of His Love, and she believes He sent Betty.


January 18, 2009

Betty - My wrist started hurting Saturday night.  It woke me during the night, hurting and tender.  I kept trying to move it different ways so I could sleep.  By morning I couldn't lift things; my bible, tambourine, or anything as it really hurt.  I didn't know what I did, but knew it would go in 4 or 5 days.  I must have twisted it or something.  Did I want to put up with it another 4 or 5 days or have prayer andget rid of it today.  I went up for communion and had to lean on the table to get up as my wrist hurt.  I got prayer and by the time I left church I could lean on my wrist and get up at the alter.

January 4, 2009

Betty - I had an ache on the right side of my hip bone for about 3 months.  It kept reminding me of a bed sore as it was like a round circle and right on that bone.  I had never had prayer for it as I thought I was sleeping wrong.  It would wake me during the night and I had to turn to the other side as it was painful and burning.  It was getting worse and I knew I needed prayer.  It was the 1st time for the new communion service. (*We now have Communion available at every service because we believe there is healing in taking Communion.)  I went up for Communion planning to ask for prayer after.  I took Communion and was kneeling there at the altar praising the Lord and not even thinking about my side.  I came back to my seat and just sat for a few minutes and then realized it was gone I was healed of the ache, pain and burning.  I waited 2 weeks to tell about it to be sure.  It is now March 6, 2009 and it has never come back...AND IT NEVER WILL.  THANK YOU JESUS.
*These are not Betty's comments.

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