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"For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy." (Revelation 19:10)


Testimonies prophesy God's intent and nature to all who will hear. We intentionally share testimonies and have observed the results, which have been absolutely amazing. We believe that when people hear the testimony of what God has done, the anointing on the testimony opens a realm of possibility. The atmosphere then becomes pregnant with the opportunity for the miracle that had been described in the testimony to be duplicated. When our faith is engaged and we step into that opportunity in the slightest measure, that possibility becomes reality. May these testimonies increase your faith and increase your hunger for more of God!



PTSD Healed
A soldier came into the Healing Room who had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. The team prayed declarative prayers in the authority of The Name of Jesus. After prayer, they reported that the effects of PTSD were broken!! There is Power in The Name of Jesus to break every chain and to heal the wounds of our soul!! The team referred them to the Sozo Ministry where they experienced more inner healing of emotional wounds and deliverance from fear. Praise God for His amazing love and power to heal!
Cancer Gone
A lady came for prayer for breast cancer diagnosis. Biopsy showed extensive growth 9cm. After prayer, later that night, while awake, she had a vision of a mammogram picture and all the cancer was leaving. A month later, she reports, “I do not need chemo, radiation, or even follow up medicine. My Oncologist released me from his care!! Praise God!!
Oppression Gone
The Healing Room team prayed for a man who stated that he was under an attack of severe oppression and pain in his hip and shoulder, sore muscles with limited mobility. After prayer he was able to move freely and ALL pain was gone. He left rejoicing in God’s goodness and mercy!!
Jesus Held My Hand
“Before I came to the Healing Room today I felt hopeless and depressed because of anxiety. After getting prayer I feel peaceful and I feel like God is with me. As they were praying for me I felt someone hold my hand and all I could think about was peace. When I opened my eyes I saw that none of the ladies were holding my hand. As I am writing this I still feel Jesus holding my hand. He held my hand all the way home and now I know that He is always with me and I know He has healed me of anxiety.”
Spine Re-Alignment
The team prayed for a man who complained of pain in his entire body which included his shoulders, back, hips, legs. They prayed for realignment of his spine and declared total healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet In the Name of Jesus! Holy Spirit moved powerfully to realign his body and restore complete movement with NO Pain!!
No Cane Needed
A lady came into the Healing Room walking with a cane. She received prayer for pain in her shoulder and severe pain in her knees, hips, and back. After prayer she was pain free and no longer needed her cane. She began running and jumping around the church, and saying “I’m healed!!”
A man came in asking for prayer for a severe pain that moved around his body. The team took authority over a spirit of infirmity and declared the healing Word of God over him. He was set free and the pain was gone!


October 13, 3013

Terry came back to church Sunday morning a few weeks after his healing.  You can see in the video on our FACEBOOK page (click here: Terry's video) that he testifies that he is now beginning to read with his restored vision and the doctors are "freaking out".  But I want to put that weekend here at Grace of God Fellowship in perspective. When we send a team to Brazil,we may see 2 or 3 or 5 thousand people healed in a matter of 8 or 10 days.  But out of all of those healings, we usually only see about 5 or 6 blind eyes healed and maybe a dozen or so deaf ears opened up.  That by itself is amazing.  A couple of weeks ago, between our outreach at the flea market and our Sunday morning service as well as a Sunday afternoon gathering, we saw the deaf hear, the blind see and the lame walking....all in one weekend!  I just think that is AMAZING. 



September 22, 2013

Near the end of the service that morning Pastor Larry went in the back to ask Terry if he needed any prayer.  Terry said, "I want to see".  Terry had no vision in his left eye.  All he could see was "white".  He was also losing vision in his right eye.  Pastor prayed for him.  The first time Terry could only see a "light".  The second time Pastor prayed for him, he could see the cross, the stage, the flags.  He could SEE.  He wanted to be taken outside to see the sky, the trees, the things he hadn't been ableto see for over a year. Watch his video on our FACEBOOK page (click here: Terry's video). Later that afternoon at  a church gathering the afriend of the Pastor'sgrandson stopped by.  He had dislocated his kneeplaying football.  He was prayed for.  After he got home he took off hisbrace and his leg was completely healed.  In one weekend we saw the Deaf Hear, the Blind See and the Lame Walk!!! Praise You Jesus.


September 21, 2013

Brumwell's Flea Market -- A young Spanish woman came up to the table and asked for prayer.  She couldn't hear from one of her ears.  The team prayed once, nothing happened.  They prayed again, she felt some improvement.  Then Betty one of the team members, laid hands on her ears and said, "I have touched you, I have healed you".  Immediately the woman said it was like a tornado came out of her ear and SHE COULD HEAR!!


July 17, 2013 

This past Sunday Janet shared about a healing she received.  A couple of months ago, she had stints put in because her heart wasn't functioning properly.  Even after the stints, her heart only was functioning 20%.  She needed further tests.  She came up for prayer and Pastor Larry prayed for her.  After the latest test they told her heart was 100% healed.  PRAISE THE LORD.

Carol shared a real miracle in her life.  She and her husband were going to Costco's and it was really hot outside.  She had to take off her wedding rings because her fingers were swelling and causing a rash.  She put the rings in her purse.  When she went to look for them, even after empting her purse out, she couldn't find them. She was really upset, but told the Lord if someone else needs them more than I do I will accept it, but she really wanted those rings back but was willing to give them up.  A week later, she went to the place where she keeps her jewelry and couldn't believe her eyes.  There were the rings!!!  God truly wanted to bless her and delivered the rings to her.  Isn't He Amazing!!


June 29, 2013

Saturday WOW!!!  God is at the Flea Market!!! This week we prayed for 15 people...5 of whom were healed right on the spot.  Charlotte had pain in her leg which had been broken.  After prayer she said the pain was gone.  The Presence of the Lord was so strong.  Later we prayed for 3 Spanish ladies.  The first one had pain in her back and after prayer not only was her back healed she had no pain in her legs.  She then brought a friend and her daughter over for prayer.  God wonderfully touched them both.  We are expecting even more of his miraculous Presence this coming week.


March 10, 2013

Theresa shared that her grandson's ears were so bad. She laid hands on them and the Lord healed them miraculously.


February 24, 2013

Mark was driving, singing in his truck and missed his turnoff.  God gave his a Word of Knowledge and told him to take another exit. He later found out there had been a terrible accident and he would have been caught up in the traffic. There’s a possibility that the Lord spared him from being in that accident.  Chris, a man who works with Mark, shared that he had two hernias. The Lord told Mark to go and pray for him. Chris said he felt some warmth.  Later he kept telling Mark how much better he felt. Then went to the doctors and they told him he only had one hernia, the other one went back in. The church prayed he would have total healing.


February 10, 2013

Mark at the Celebrate Recovery where they minister Mark called out "depression". Later he and Jonathan were able to pray for her.  At another church he said, "a back is being healed".  As it turned out his back was the one that got healed and hasn't had pain for 2 weeks.


February 9,2013

Patapsco Flea Market AMAZING!! From the start to the finish.  Altogether the team prayed for 18 people.

On Wednesday, January 16th Michele shared how the Lord spared her from a very serious accident.  She had spun out of control and hit the median strip and spun again. When the car stopped she was unharmed….under the Protection of the Lord.


January 20, 2013

Betty shared how she had problems with the bottom of her feet, hurting when she walked. The Lord has healed her and put padding on her feet.  She is now able to RUN  when we sing I AM FREE.  Totally HEALED!!!!

Peggy shared about Brumwell’s. She & Betty led a Spanish lady, who spoke some English to the Lord. They (Peggy  Betty) speak NO Spanish. Isn’t the Lord Amazing!!!!!!!!


January 13, 2013

Maureen's mother-in-law was sick and needed medicine. They went to get it.  While they were gone Michael prayed for his grandmother. The next day, she said I am fine and didn't need the medicine. God had healed her.

Terri had a mole on her hip.  She had been praying about it and then noticed the mole was gone.  God had healed her.

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