"For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy." (Revelation 19:10)

Testimonies prophesy God’s intent and nature to all who will hear. We intentionally share testimonies and have observed the results, which have been absolutely amazing. We believe that when people hear the testimony of what God has done, the anointing on the testimony opens a realm of possibility. The atmosphere then becomes pregnant with the opportunity for the miracle that had been described in the testimony to be duplicated. When our faith is engaged and we step into that opportunity in the slightest measure, that possibility becomes reality. May these testimonies increase your faith and increase your hunger for more of God!




Back Healed!

A man came into the Healing Rooms asking for prayer for lower back pain above the left hip, after prayer all pain left! He was able to bend and move completely without pain!

Lump and Pain Gone!

A man came into the Healing Rooms requesting prayer for his colon, and a painful lump that was under his skin. The prayer team prayed for healing for his colon and commanded the lump and pain to disappear! Immediately, all pain left and the lump completely disappeared!!

Strength Returned!

A man requested prayer for healing from the effects of a stroke. After prayer the man reported that strength returned to his leg and arm. He said that he felt heat on the right side of his body and all pain was gone!

Pinched Nerve Healed!

A lady requested prayer for a pinched nerve in her neck that was very painful. After prayer she reported that she was able to move her neck freely without pain and discomfort!

Healing for Confusion and Stress!

A lady requested prayer for anxiety and confusion. The Healing Rooms team prayed for restoration in her life and took authority over fear and confusion. After prayer, the lady said that she felt the stress leave and that she felt peace!

Salvation in the Healing Rooms!

A lady asked for prayer for emotional trauma. The prayer team ministered the love of Jesus and walked her through some prayers of forgiveness. After forgiving those that had hurt her she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior!!

Rash on Arm Healed!

A lady requested prayer for her child because she had a nasty rash on her arm. A few days later, she reported that the rash completely disappeared the next day!

Toothache Healed!

A lady came into the Healing Room asking for prayer for a painful tooth. After prayer she reported that all pain was gone!


Back Pain and Joint Pain Healed!

A lady came into the Healing Room asking for prayer for back pain and pain in her joints. After prayer she reported that ALL pain left and she felt confident that she was healed!

PTSD Healed!!

A soldier came into the Healing Room who had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. The team prayed declarative prayers in the authority of The Name of Jesus. After prayer, they reported that the effects of PTSD were broken!! There is Power in The Name of Jesus to break every chain and to heal the wounds of our soul!! The team referred them to the Sozo Ministry where they experienced more inner healing of emotional wounds and deliverance from fear. Praise God for His amazing love and power to heal!

Oppression Broken, Hip and Shoulder Healed!

The Healing Room team prayed for a man who stated that he was under an attack of severe oppression and pain in his hip and shoulder, sore muscles with limited mobility. After prayer he was able to move freely and ALL pain was gone. He left rejoicing in God’s goodness and mercy!!

Spiritual Healing and Emotional Restoration!

A woman came into the Healing Room who asked for prayer for spiritual healing from bitterness towards her family. She had deep emotional pain. The team led her through prayers of forgiveness and release of the bitterness that she was holding in her heart towards those that hurt her. They prayed that the Fathers love and healing balm would flow over her to heal her broken heart and restore wholeness to her. She experienced great breakthrough and received a strong outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They referred her to Sozo Ministry where she received deep inner healing and restoration of her soul!!

Spine Realignment!

The team prayed for a man who complained of pain in his entire body which included his shoulders, back, hips, legs. They prayed for realignment of his spine and declared total healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet In the Name of Jesus! Holy Spirit moved powerfully to realign his body and restore complete movement with NO Pain!!

Emotional Trauma Healed!

A lady came into the Healing Room requesting prayer for emotional trauma, stress and anxiety. The team led her through prayers of forgiveness and declared the Word of God over her. They broke off the effects of trauma and declared healing! Jesus came to set the captives free and she is free indeed!


A man came in asking for prayer for a severe pain that moved around his body. The team took authority over a spirit of infirmity and declared the healing Word of God over him. He was set free and the pain was gone!

Dizziness and Buzzing Sound in the Ears Healed!

A lady requested prayer for sleeplessness, dizziness and buzzing in her ears. After prayer she reported the buzzing and dizziness was completely gone! She said “I have peace for the first time in months.”

Chest Pain Healed!

The team prayed for a man who had a persistent cough and tightness in his chest. After prayer he reported that he felt relief and the tightness was gone!

Ankle Pain Healed!

A lady requested prayer for pain in her ankle. After prayer she could walk without pain!

Peace and Infilling of the Holy Spirit!

A lady came into the Healing Room for prayer. She was experiencing anxiety and stress. The team prayed for the peace of God and for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. She received the gift of tongues and said that she felt the fire of God!

Rededication to the Lord and Back Healed!

A young woman came into the Healing Room asking for prayer for the damaged nerve endings in her back which caused severe pain because of a car accident. The team broke off trauma and released the healing power of Jesus. Her back was completely healed and she rededicated her life to the Lord! Praise God!

May 16
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 11 people.
  • PRAISE REPORT: Rose received prayer last year for her son who was a drug addict and suicidal. She reported that her son is now clean and back with his children. Thank you Jesus!
January 3
Patapsco Flea Market
The team prayed for 26 people.
  • Myessia – received prayer for and was healed from a headache.
  • Ann – received prayer for COPD – her breathing was better and deeper than it was before prayer.
  • Shirley – her daughter committed suicide four years ago because of depression. The team did the exchange with her and God gave her peace in exchange for nailing her anguish and pain to the cross.


November 22
Patapsco Flea Market
The team prayed for 32 people!
  • Blondel – The team prayed with Blondel regarding moving, stress, and finances. The team did a SOZO exchange with her and as a result, Blondel gave her stress and all to God. She felt God wanted her to return to Him 100%! The team shared with her about the baseball vision; God as the Catcher saying, “I’ve gotchya!”
  • Pat – She needed prayer for her sinuses. The team prayed for her and her sinuses started to clear up and her headache started to feel better. One of team members put her hand on her nose and she felt heat in her hand and fingers. After prayer, Pat felt much better.
  • Machella – The team prayed for her back and she felt the pain leave! The Presence of God was so strong. The team is also expecting to hear a good report from her upcoming cancer test.
  • Meralee and Aaron – Prayers for their finances.Wow! The Presence of God was so stong the couldn’t move!
  • Inge – She needed prayer for her eye because her vision was blury. Some of the team members ran into her in the bathroom and prayed for her eye to be healed. Inge came back to the table later to report her eye was reallyclear! Thank you Jesus!
November 8
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 11 people!
  • Bernie – He had pain in his back from a previous injury. Bernie fell off a ladder and broke his back. After prayer he said his back felt tinglely. After our third prayer, his back was still tinglely and he said some of the pain went away! Yay God!
September 27
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 32 people!
  • Maria – The team prayed for her back, she had upper back pain just below the right shoulder blade. One of the ministry members had a Word of Knowledge for this pain! After prayer three times the pain was GONE! Praise God!
September 20
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 14 people!
  • Jerry – He returned with a praise report.  He was previously unable to lift his arm after having surgery for a torn rotator cuff.  The doctors told him he needed to look for a new job/line of work.  The team prayed for Jerry on a couple different occasions, each Saturday he was able to lift his arm higher and higher.  Now…he can completely lift his arm.  The doctors have said he could now go back to work November 15! Praise God! Click here to watch his testimony on our Facebook page!
  • Becky – She had a severe headache and has suffered from them for two years. The team prayed with her, the pain gradually left after continued prayer!
September 13
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 23 people!
  • The team led 1 person to the Lord.
July 12
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 21 people!
July 5
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 18+ people!
  • Four poeple were led to the Lord! What a great day.
June 28
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 27 people!
  • Anne – she was deaf in both ears.  The team prayed for her hearing to be restored.  After praying twice she said that she could HEAR out of BOTH ears!!!  Thank you Jesus!
June 7
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 13 people!
  • Neilia – returned with a praise report.  She was seeing much better and still has had no pain since prayer.  (See May 31)
  • MaryAnn – had severe pain in her heel that went up her leg which made it difficult to walk.  She has an appointment to see a doctor on Wednesday.  The team prayed for her leg and heel…she was HEALED!  The pain was GONE!  She was touched by the Lord and shed tears of joy.  During prayer, one of the team members had a word of knowledge (lower back pain).  MaryAnn confirmed that her back had started hurting that morning.  The team prayed for her back and she said she felt better.  She believes she was healed today!  Praise God!
  • Louella – after the team’s initial interview and the discussion of the spirit of unforgiveness, Louella knew she needed to pray the prayer of forgiveness.  The team joined hands with her while she prayed and chose to fogive her children for things they have done. It was very powerful!


May 31
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 16 people!
  • Neilia – Three doctors have diagnosed her with glaucoma in her eyes.  She was in pain and wanted prayer.  She was definately touched today.  After prayer she said she felt much better and that the pain had LEFT! 


March 22
Brumwells Flea Market
The team prayed for 11 people!
  • Ruben – Had pain in arms and wrists.  After prayer, the pain was gone!



We received emails from Pastor Juan in Puerto Vallarta that one man testified that after prayer when the team was there, he was healed of back pain.  Another lady shared that she was healed of depression.  Just this week we received an email saying that a lady from their church shared that her mom was very sick.  She had a count of 500 with sugar diabetis.  While we were in Puerto Vallarta at Pastor Juan’s church we did a “fire tunnel”.  This lady passed through the tunnel, all the while praying for her mom.  She began jumping and jumping.  She said she was supposed to go visit her mom that day, but she told her family she was going to go to church instead to pray for her mom.  Her mother lives in Puebla about 20 hours from Puerto Vallarta.  She called her mom the next day.  Her mom was normal.

That’s that’s the power of our God.


March 9th

  • Jeremy – was told he needed fusion.  God told him he wouldn’t need the surgery.  He decided to to with God and not have the surgery.  The he shared how the Lord has just blessed him in so many ways and he is truly grateful.
  • Terry –   was told he had no circulation in his leg.  Pastor Larry gave testimony during the Sunday morning service that people were getting healed.  Terry’s leg felt cold.  Hedidn’t know what to make of it.  When he went back for an ultra cound…he had full blood flow in his leg.  They told him his leg would have to be amputated.  WOW!!!
  • Pastor Larry –   shared about Keith (who had been brain dead for 5 days).  His mother wouldn’t give up on him continually praying for his recover.  After 5 days, he came back alive!  But he still had a “fog”  over his brain from the death experience.  An employer from 10 years ago, called him and offered him a job with a 6 figure salary.  He took the job in another state, but wanted Pastor Larry to pray this “fog” off of him.  He wanted to be able to give his best for the emloyer.  Pastor prayed and the fog lifted immediately.  WHAT A AMAZING LORD WE SERVE!


MIRACLE MEXICO – February 18-27

A team of 5 went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and saw God move is such a mighty way.  There were  a total of 105 healings at that time.  And more have been coming.  One such testimony was of a 10 year old girl whose foot had been broken and didn’t heal properly.  She was in pain every time she waled.  She came up for prayer in tears.  Prayer was offered serveral times, a little better each time.  One last time….the foot was completely healed!!  She had a look of total amazement on her face, and now the tears were of complete joy.  We saw people with depression, filled with joy.  People in pain in their backs, feet, and heads were totally healed and rejoicing in the Lord.  It was truly an amazing trip.  Hopefully, the first of many.


February 16th
Patapsco Flea Market
  • 16 people were prayed for by the team.  People were lining up for prayer.  The Presence of the Lord was so strong and many were touched by the power of the Lord.  He is Alive and Well.


February 9th

  • Sharon shared how she had a 2 disc fusion in her neck and was in intense pain.  She also had metal in her neck.  This morning the Lord totally healed her and she had complete movement in her neck!


October 13, 3013

Terry came back to church Sunday morning a few weeks after his healing.  You can see in the video on our FACEBOOK page (click here: Terry’s video) that he testifies that he is now beginning to read with his restored vision and the doctors are “freaking out”.  But I want to put that weekend here at Grace of God Fellowship in perspective. When we send a team to Brazil,we may see 2 or 3 or 5 thousand people healed in a matter of 8 or 10 days.  But out of all of those healings, we usually only see about 5 or 6 blind eyes healed and maybe a dozen or so deaf ears opened up.  That by itself is amazing.  A couple of weeks ago, between our outreach at the flea market and our Sunday morning service as well as a Sunday afternoon gathering, we saw the deaf hear, the blind see and the lame walking….all in one weekend!  I just think that is AMAZING. 



September 22, 2013

Near the end of the service that morning Pastor Larry went in the back to ask Terry if he needed any prayer.  Terry said, “I want to see”.  Terry had no vision in his left eye.  All he could see was “white”.  He was also losing vision in his right eye.  Pastor prayed for him.  The first time Terry could only see a “light”.  The second time Pastor prayed for him, he could see the cross, the stage, the flags.  He could SEE.  He wanted to be taken outside to see the sky, the trees, the things he hadn’t been ableto see for over a year. Watch his video on our FACEBOOK page (click here: Terry’s video). Later that afternoon at  a church gathering the afriend of the Pastor’sgrandson stopped by.  He had dislocated his kneeplaying football.  He was prayed for.  After he got home he took off hisbrace and his leg was completely healed.  In one weekend we saw the Deaf Hear, the Blind See and the Lame Walk!!! Praise You Jesus.


September 21, 2013

Brumwell’s Flea Market — A young Spanish woman came up to the table and asked for prayer.  She couldn’t hear from one of her ears.  The team prayed once, nothing happened.  They prayed again, she felt some improvement.  Then Betty one of the team members, laid hands on her ears and said, “I have touched you, I have healed you”.  Immediately the woman said it was like a tornado came out of her ear and SHE COULD HEAR!!


July 17, 2013 

This past Sunday Janet shared about a healing she received.  A couple of months ago, she had stints put in because her heart wasn’t functioning properly.  Even after the stints, her heart only was functioning 20%.  She needed further tests.  She came up for prayer and Pastor Larry prayed for her.  After the latest test they told her heart was 100% healed.  PRAISE THE LORD.

Carol shared a real miracle in her life.  She and her husband were going to Costco’s and it was really hot outside.  She had to take off her wedding rings because her fingers were swelling and causing a rash.  She put the rings in her purse.  When she went to look for them, even after empting her purse out, she couldn’t find them. She was really upset, but told the Lord if someone else needs them more than I do I will accept it, but she really wanted those rings back but was willing to give them up.  A week later, she went to the place where she keeps her jewelry and couldn’t believe her eyes.  There were the rings!!!  God truly wanted to bless her and delivered the rings to her.  Isn’t He Amazing!!


June 29, 2013

Saturday WOW!!!  God is at the Flea Market!!! This week we prayed for 15 people…5 of whom were healed right on the spot.  Charlotte had pain in her leg which had been broken.  After prayer she said the pain was gone.  The Presence of the Lord was so strong.  Later we prayed for 3 Spanish ladies.  The first one had pain in her back and after prayer not only was her back healed she had no pain in her legs.  She then brought a friend and her daughter over for prayer.  God wonderfully touched them both.  We are expecting even more of his miraculous Presence this coming week.


March 10, 2013

Theresa shared that her grandson’s ears were so bad. She laid hands on them and the Lord healed them miraculously.


February 24, 2013

Mark was driving, singing in his truck and missed his turnoff.  God gave his a Word of Knowledge and told him to take another exit. He later found out there had been a terrible accident and he would have been caught up in the traffic. There’s a possibility that the Lord spared him from being in that accident.  Chris, a man who works with Mark, shared that he had two hernias. The Lord told Mark to go and pray for him. Chris said he felt some warmth.  Later he kept telling Mark how much better he felt. Then went to the doctors and they told him he only had one hernia, the other one went back in. The church prayed he would have total healing.


February 10, 2013

Mark at the Celebrate Recovery where they minister Mark called out “depression”. Later he and Jonathan were able to pray for her.  At another church he said, “a back is being healed”.  As it turned out his back was the one that got healed and hasn’t had pain for 2 weeks.


February 9,2013

Patapsco Flea Market AMAZING!! From the start to the finish.  Altogether the team prayed for 18 people.

On Wednesday, January 16th Michele shared how the Lord spared her from a very serious accident.  She had spun out of control and hit the median strip and spun again. When the car stopped she was unharmed….under the Protection of the Lord.


January 20, 2013

Betty shared how she had problems with the bottom of her feet, hurting when she walked. The Lord has healed her and put padding on her feet.  She is now able to RUN  when we sing I AM FREE.  Totally HEALED!!!!

Peggy shared about Brumwell’s. She & Betty led a Spanish lady, who spoke some English to the Lord. They (Peggy  Betty) speak NO Spanish. Isn’t the Lord Amazing!!!!!!!!


January 13, 2013

Maureen’s mother-in-law was sick and needed medicine. They went to get it.  While they were gone Michael prayed for his grandmother. The next day, she said I am fine and didn’t need the medicine. God had healed her.

Terri had a mole on her hip.  She had been praying about it and then noticed the mole was gone.  God had healed her.

2012 Testimonies

Brumwell’s Flea Market

September 9

Barbara came up to the table saying she had been looking for the team.  She came specifically for prayer as she had prayer for colon cancer before, and now the cancer is gone.

Ten year old Anna accepted the Lord!!


August 18

A man came to the table with lots of questions!  When one of the team members took his hand to pray for him he said, “Who, what was that?”.  He had felt the Presence of the Lord flow into him.


July 28

Rosemary came to the table saying she had pain in her head & back.  After we prayed….the pain left.


June 23

Letitia had asked for prayer for her mom who was 92 year old.  We prayed and she felt like she was floating and the sky was so blue, the colors were brighter!! The Presence of the Lord gave perfect peace.  As we shared she told us her back was in pain.  She had “pulsating” pain in her back.  By the time she left she kept saying, “I feel wonderful.”

LOST KEYS A few weeks ago a member of the team prayed for a lady to find her keys.  It worked!! She found her keys.  She then wanted help to find a job.  God is so Good.


March 31

Sharon came up to the table and told us of her boat accident that had left her in a coma.  During the discussion, we found out that she had a plate and screws in her leg as a result of the accident.  She was unable to bend her knee because of this.  After prayer she was able to completely bend her knee!!  This was something she had been unable to do for over 3 years.


March 24

Louise came up to the table.  Her hand was so swollen from a reaction to shrimp it looked like a ball.  After she received prayer, we watched the swelling go down right in front of us.  We all just Praised the Lord for His Goodness.


Patapsco Flea Market

March 3

Paul had previously had a small stroke which left him with pain in the back of his neck.  We prayed and the pain left.


February 18

Nana came up in a wheelchair and left walking!! She had a lot of pain in her knees, back and neck.  After prayer, then pain in her knees was gone and she was much better in her back and neck.  She pushed her wheelchair out herself.

2011 Testimonies

Report from outside ministries:
October 15, 2011 – Brumwells
William had prayer for hip and neck.  After prayer, he was speechless.  He almost didn’t know what to say.  He felt the pain leaving even as we were speaking to him.

Iris was totally healed of a brain tumor after several people in the group had previously prayed for her.  She needs no treatment…the doctor said, “I don’t need to see you again.”


October 8, 2011 – Brumwells
Dawn came by a couple of weeks ago to ask prayer for her daughter who was on drugs.  The mother was so happy.  The daughter had come home to get off the drugs.

October 1, 2011 Brumwell’s
Joyce had pain in her wrist.  After prayer, all the pain was gone and she walked away laughing.  Rejoicing in the Lord!

June 11, 2011
Testimony begets testimony!!  Several weeks ago a young lady came to the table at Brumwell’s asking for prayer for her friend who was diagnosed with possible cancer.  We  shared with her about Paula (see May 28th testimony) being healed of cancer.  We prayed for her friend and then prayed anointing on her hands so she could lay hands on her friend and see him healed.  She did and He was!!  She came back saying the DOCTORS COULD FIND NO CANCER!!!

Weekly people are being prayed for and ministered to outside the church as well as during our services. God is moving mightily as we see His Power flowing.  We serve an Awesome God.

May 28, 2011
Between 8th Ave and Brumwell’s Flea Market 30 people were prayed for:

Paula shared how after prayer, the cancer behind her eyes was GONE.  She had MRI’s done.  The technician wanted to know when she had brain surgery.. She didn’t!  Another one wanted to know “Where did it go?”.  She gave the Lord all the credit.

Franklin said that after prayer, his breathing was much better.

Thomas The group at the flea market had previously prayed for Thomas who had Paget’s disease.  He had a walker, a wheelchair and had to get around the house by scooting on his bottom.  He shared that after prayer he was able to throw away his wheelchair, throw away his walker and is able to walk around the house.  He is healed Praise the Lord!!!

Dawn shared that after she received prayer for her bi-polar teenage son, he is now off ALL medication. 

Gina shared that after prayer she was doing AWESOME!  She had gotten prayer at Brumwell’s flea market because she had a mini-stroke.  WHAT A WONDERFUL LORD!

May 15, 2011

Betty & Donna prayed for a lady a Patapsco Flea Market who was suffering with knee.  She was able to bend and move her leg much better after prayer.

Fourteen people were prayed for at Patapsco.  God is so Good!

2009 Testimonies

December 13th, 2009

During the service Michele’s toe was in great pain.  It was healed.

Doug’s foot was healed.  He called on Tuesday to let the Pastor know it was completely better.


Wednesday December 9th

Pat had spoken a word to a lady previously who hadn’t been pleased with what she had said.  Pat had told her to stop being so negative.  This week the lady was praising God for all the Blessings that were coming her way.  And…..she told Pat she needed her in her life.

A lady whom Betty prayed for at the mall has been calling with reports of her niece who had cancer.  The niece is now cancer FREE!!!


Saturday, November 28th, 2009
Patapsco Flea Market
This was our first week here and we were able to pray for 30 people. 

Demar a young boy who wanted a bible came back to the table for one.  Betty had a word of knowledge for him.  “God is going to use you”
Many came for financial breakthroughs in their lives.  Many came for prayer for their families.  God is everywhere and He hears and answers.

Brumwell’s Flea Market
Several people came back to let us know of answered prayer.

Dawn was healed of carpel tunnel a few weeks ago.  She is still rejoicing.

Missionaries to Afghanistan got their visas and are on their way.  Thanked us for praying for them a few weeks ago.

George’s mom feels much better.  We prayed for her a few weeks ago.  She had cancer.  She is up and cooking and doing great.  He was grateful for the prayer.


November 15th
The following testimonies were given during the service:

Melonie (a pharmacist):  William and his wife came in her place of employment and he was in a wheelchair.  He had fluid on his lungs and he was going to have his heart shocked back into rhythm.  We (Melonie & the couple) prayed together and he and his wife came in a week later.  He was walking fine.  He did not have fluid on his lungs.  The doctor went to put in the anesthesia to shock his heart, and they said they did not even have to do it because his heart was in rhythm.  He and his wife were thankful to God.  He also had open heart surgery.

Jim:  A lady at his work came to him and told him she was a diabetic.  The doctors told her she would need insulin shots.  She was afraid of the shots.  Jim asked if he could pray for her.  He did.  She came back later and was dancing.  She told him her numbers went down 10 points and she did not need the shots.  Praise the Lord!

Larine:  She prayed for a lady at work with financial problems.  After prayer, she was able to pay her rent on Friday.  God is so Good.

Terry:  She prayed for the lady she works for who had fluid on her legs.  The fluid left immediately.


Saturday, November 7th
Brumwell’s Flea Market.  Kim said as she went to pray for people at the flea market, “I wasn’t prepared for what I experienced”.  Twenty-six people were prayed for.  Six were healed.

Sheryl had knee pain.  She could not bend her knee before.  After prayer she was asked to do something she couldn’t do before.  She began to bend her knee saying, “Oh my gosh, I couldn’t bend my knee before and now I can”  She was excited.

Rita had stomach pain.  Gone after prayer.

Maria had leg pain.  Gone after prayer

Dawn had carpal tunnel.  She was in pain and could not move it when she came.  After prayer, the pain was gone and she could move it freely.  She began crying as the pain left her body.

Maryanne had pain in her teeth.  Gone after prayer.

Bonnie had prayer for her knees.  They were healed and she could bend them both after prayer.

Saturday, October 24

Carmen’s whole body was in pain from diabetes.  Felt much better after prayer.

Herbert fell 60 feet.  His head, shoulders, legs, neck, ringing in ears all from the result of the fall.  He was doing much better after prayer.
On a previous Saturday, Herbert received prayer.  He had fallen 60 feet at his job.  His leg was in a cast, severe pain in his head, pain in all parts of his body.  After prayer his leg was greatly improved.  And we were told that as of Saturday Nov. 7th, he no longer needed a cane to walk with.  YEAH GOD!

Saturday, October 10
Sixteen people were prayed for at Brumwell’s Flea Market on Saturday. Miracles happened.  Several people with neck pain spoke of immediate relief.  What a blessing.

One lady with severe pain in her side got immediate relief. She then got her father over for prayer.

Pastor Larry played a phone message of a young lady (during the morning service) who was prayed for at Brumwell’s Flea Market.  She was told she would never get a normal menstrual cycle again.  She had 15 operations by the time she was 12 years old. The next day after she was prayed for her cycle began again after 7 months of not  having any.  WOW!!!

Mark got prayer for neck pain.  After prayer it was gone.

Emmaline had pain in neck.  She felt electricity going down her back and head as we prayed.  Pain left.


October 4th

Jim testified that during the song “I AM FREE” his feet began to have warmth in them.  Usually they are cold because of diabetes.  Jim began to dance and his feet stayed warm!

Several weeks ago, Tommy was in pain during the service.  Pastor Larry immediately stopped and prayed for him.  He has had no pain since.


September 20th

Nancy had a toe that was hurting and swollen.  She came up for prayer.  It was better.  Monday….all the swelling and pain were gone.

Terry’s eyes have greatly improved in the last few weeks.  She doesn’t have to use drops anymore.  Also, she is able to stand straighter.  She was born without a hip socket.  God is doing something!!!

Mark gave testimony of how God had truly blessed their finances.

Kendal loves butterfly’s.  Her grandparents had caught one for her to see, but in the meantime it had almost died.  Roma prayed for it and when Kendal came home from school, they released the butterfly.  He eagerly flew away!  God Really Does Care.


August 9th

Mark called out a healing of a headache during the Worship & Praise.  Nancy and Pastor Larry both testified of having a headache when they came in and it was gone after the Word of Knowledge came forth.


Sunday July 26th

John was healed of neck pain after the Wednesday evening service.

Jim’s grandson greatly improved after being placed on the prayer chain.

Dennis asked for his arm to be prayed for after Praise & Worship.  At that time he had no pain.  At the same time that Pastor Larry prayed for Dennis, Alma’s arm was freed of pain.  Her arm had been broken a couple of years ago and had been hurting since that time…until TODAY!


Sunday, July 19th
Several weeks ago Pastor Larry had the congregation group together and pray for several people after Worship & Praise…Mark being one of them.  At that time Mark had pressure in his intestines which caused him pain. After the prayer, the pain was gone. He also had a lump (lymphoma) on his back. After the service on this morning he was going to ask for prayer at the end of the service….but discovered the lump was gone.


Sunday July 5th

Jim was healed during the Worship Service.  He had pain when he came into the service and was healed as the Worship went on.


Saturday, June 28th on our Treasure Hunt we prayed for a lady with back pain.  After prayer, the pain was gone.  We prayed with another lady with arthritis in her hand.  After prayer, she had much more movement in her fingers.


Sunday, April 26th

Rachel.  One Sunday I was too sick to come to church.  I had the worst back pain I have ever had.  My husband Matt took the girls to church.  While he and the girls were at church I cried and prayed that God would touch my back.  I was completely desperate for God to show even the slightest amount of mercy on me to touch me.  When Matt came home, he asked if he could pray for me and I thought, couldn’t hurt!  Almost immediately after he prayed for healing over my back, the back pain was completely gone. I still had the cold and sick feeling but I wasn’t crying over my back pain anymore. When I told my husband’s grandmother what had happened to me she told me Matt had come up for prayer for me at the end of the service and Pastor Larry anointed his hand with oil and told him to lay hands on me.  It Worked!!!

Mark.  I had pain in my ankle for about 3 or 4 weeks.  It had really been bothering me.  After Praise and Worship he was healed.  NO PAIN!!


Sunday, April 19th

Kendal (age 4) was in the car with her grandparents on their way to her school when she said, “Poppy, my cough is gone!”  Don asked her, “Where did it go?

Did Jesus take it away?”  Kendal answered, “Yes, and He put it on a tree”.

Roma pondered on what Kendal had said.  It came to her that Jesus took all of our sicknesses and put them on the greatest tree ever, the cross. Rachel, (Kendal’s Mom) asked her daughter where she heard that Jesus put coughs on a tree before.  Kendal replied, “He told me in my dream”.


Saturday, April 25th, on our Treasure Hunt, we prayed for a lady who was walking with a limp.  She let us pray for her, once, then again, and then a third time.  Each time her foot got better until it was totally healed.  Isn’t God Good?  We had a total of 25 people who got prayer on Saturday


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kenneth had pulled a muscle in his thigh and was prayed for at Pioneer Club meeting and he was healed.

Alma had a suspicious mammogram reading and during a second reading, she prayed.  The nurse came in and told her, “never mind, everything is fine”.

Melonie’s Grandmother had prayer and later stated that her back and leg felt much better.


March 22, 2009

Michele – On March 22nd of 2009, I went up for prayer. I asked for God to show me His purpose for me. I told Pastor Larry that I was so thankful for what God has done for me even though I’ve had a lot of storms in my life to deal with. I know that the Lord has helped me along the way of each storm.  We had a special speaker named George Whitten that prayed for me. He prayed that I would be focused on the Lord and that there wouldn’t be any distractions in my way. After several minutes of prayer, I heard a pop on the right side of my head near my ear. I had a blocked nasal passage for three days…Immediately this opened up and I was able to breathe freely. I also had a swollen gland and sore throat on the right side of my neck and built up pressure under my eye and extending to my right ear. Immediately this was gone. I didn’t even ask for prayer for this viral condition I was told I had when I went to the doctors the week before…And here I was, being healed.  God is so Good.  He is so faithful.  He knew what my need was and He supplied it when I was totally focused on Him and what His will for me would be. I wasn’t even thinking about my needs. I encourage you to read the passage that I read 3 days before my healing took place. 
It is Philippians’ 4:19.

February 2009 – One woman whose friend was prayed for in Shoppers had stage 4 melanoma called to let us know that the woman has been declared totally clean from the doctors.

February 2009 – A lady who was prayed for in J.C. Penny had lumps in her breast. Went to the doctor after prayer, NO LUMPS.  The only questionable thing was in place of the lumps there was OIL.  The doctors had no explanation.  God must has left His fingerprint.

February 2009 – One lady was prayed for at the Mall with pain in her leg.  She could hardly move it.  After prayed she had complete mobility without pain.

February 2009 – Betty prayed at the mall for a lady who told her that she had asked God two days earlier to send someone to her as a sign of His Love, and she believes He sent Betty.


January 18, 2009

Betty – My wrist started hurting Saturday night.  It woke me during the night, hurting and tender.  I kept trying to move it different ways so I could sleep.  By morning I couldn’t lift things; my bible, tambourine, or anything as it really hurt.  I didn’t know what I did, but knew it would go in 4 or 5 days.  I must have twisted it or something.  Did I want to put up with it another 4 or 5 days or have prayer andget rid of it today.  I went up for communion and had to lean on the table to get up as my wrist hurt.  I got prayer and by the time I left church I could lean on my wrist and get up at the alter.

January 4, 2009

Betty – I had an ache on the right side of my hip bone for about 3 months.  It kept reminding me of a bed sore as it was like a round circle and right on that bone.  I had never had prayer for it as I thought I was sleeping wrong.  It would wake me during the night and I had to turn to the other side as it was painful and burning.  It was getting worse and I knew I needed prayer.  It was the 1st time for the new communion service. (*We now have Communion available at every service because we believe there is healing in taking Communion.)  I went up for Communion planning to ask for prayer after.  I took Communion and was kneeling there at the altar praising the Lord and not even thinking about my side.  I came back to my seat and just sat for a few minutes and then realized it was gone I was healed of the ache, pain and burning.  I waited 2 weeks to tell about it to be sure.  It is now March 6, 2009 and it has never come back…AND IT NEVER WILL.  THANK YOU JESUS.
*These are not Betty’s comments.

2008 Testimonies

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Betty – We were watching a Randy Clark video at our Wednesday evening service.  On the video, Randy said “Everyone stand up that had old ankle problems. Years ago I had an auto accident, got 2 compound fractures, knee & ankle, on my right leg. It never healed right. He called out ankles, old healings.  I stood up.  I had old injuries from the accident in 1969.  I went up front, sat in a chair and got prayer.  It was better, but not all the way……

Sunday, July 28, 2008

Pastor Larry asked if anyone had been healed this past week.  I did not say anything as my ankle was not quite healed.  Pastor Larry believed I was healed!  He called me up in the chair again for the ankle to be completely healed.  Peggy and Donna came up and prayed for me.  Before, I couldn’t put my boot on unless I unzipped it all the way down.  I could not bend my foot and walk normal.  I always had to put my right foot down first at a curb.  I could not bend my foot down in a point. NOW….I can put on unzipped boots, walk normal and put my left foot down first at a curb. THANK YOU JESUS!

December 2008

Michele – In December of 2008, I was prayed for at church and received healing.  I was healed from a bulging disk in my lower back.  The experience that I had during prayer was a very cold sensation, almost like someone was holding ice on my back.  Immediately after prayer I was able to bend over, pain free.  I was unable to do this before my healing. I was dealing with the pain from October 2006 till my healing in December 2009.  It is now March 2009 and I’m still pain free.  It’s my belief and acknowledgement that the Lord has completely healed me from this diagnosed condition.

PTSD Healed
A soldier came into the Healing Room who had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. The team prayed declarative prayers in the authority of The Name of Jesus. After prayer, they reported that the effects of PTSD were broken!! There is Power in The Name of Jesus to break every chain and to heal the wounds of our soul!! The team referred them to the Sozo Ministry where they experienced more inner healing of emotional wounds and deliverance from fear. Praise God for His amazing love and power to heal!
Cancer Gone
A lady came for prayer for breast cancer diagnosis. Biopsy showed extensive growth 9cm. After prayer, later that night, while awake, she had a vision of a mammogram picture and all the cancer was leaving. A month later, she reports, “I do not need chemo, radiation, or even follow up medicine. My Oncologist released me from his care!! Praise God!!
Oppression Gone
The Healing Room team prayed for a man who stated that he was under an attack of severe oppression and pain in his hip and shoulder, sore muscles with limited mobility. After prayer he was able to move freely and ALL pain was gone. He left rejoicing in God’s goodness and mercy!!
Jesus Held My Hand
“Before I came to the Healing Room today I felt hopeless and depressed because of anxiety. After getting prayer I feel peaceful and I feel like God is with me. As they were praying for me I felt someone hold my hand and all I could think about was peace. When I opened my eyes I saw that none of the ladies were holding my hand. As I am writing this I still feel Jesus holding my hand. He held my hand all the way home and now I know that He is always with me and I know He has healed me of anxiety.”
Spine Re-Alignment
The team prayed for a man who complained of pain in his entire body which included his shoulders, back, hips, legs. They prayed for realignment of his spine and declared total healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet In the Name of Jesus! Holy Spirit moved powerfully to realign his body and restore complete movement with NO Pain!!
No Cane Needed
A lady came into the Healing Room walking with a cane. She received prayer for pain in her shoulder and severe pain in her knees, hips, and back. After prayer she was pain free and no longer needed her cane. She began running and jumping around the church, and saying “I’m healed!!”
A man came in asking for prayer for a severe pain that moved around his body. The team took authority over a spirit of infirmity and declared the healing Word of God over him. He was set free and the pain was gone!