When you arrive at Grace of God Fellowship, you will be greeted by our wonderful greeters who will make sure you have a bulletin as well as a welcome packet if it’s your first time, as well as answer any questions you may have. As you enter the Sanctuary, enter expecting. We have had numerous people healed during the worship or even the preaching without anybody even praying for them. If you do get healed of something or you realize that something that was hurting when you came in isn’t hurting any more, please let us know. If the Holy Spirit is moving in a particular way on any given morning, we don’t want to miss it.

The worship is, at times very exuberant and very worshipful. We invite you to enter in. Normally it will last twenty minutes or so, but we always try to stay open to what the Holy Spirit is doing.

We will then have a time of receiving the offering, announcements, and greeting one another. Take a moment to at least shake the hands of the folks sitting around you.

We will also have a time of testimonies. We want to hear about the healings, miracles, and answered prayers that have happened during the week. God is so good. This can get very exciting.

We then get into a time of preaching and teaching of His word.

We believe that God confirms his word [Mk. 16:02] so after the word is received, we go back into a time of worship and ministry. During this time we ask you to press into the presence of God through worship. If you have a prayer need of any kind, we invite you to bring it forward and we have prayer teams that consider it a privilege to pray for you. We have seen many healings and miracles during this time. We will stay as long as there are people to be ministered to. At the same time, if you need to leave, we invite you to slip out quietly as you need to with God’s blessings.